Each of the following sentences (taken from students' papers) has a problem of coherence. Can you correct it ?

  1. The best time to launch his own company is when you are young.
  2. Bank managers feel uneasy negotiating with a teenager because of their inexperience.
  3. He left business school because nothing he learnt was irrelevant.
  4. Now he was the director of three companies.
  5. It is better to be without no financial obligation when you start your own business.
  6. Marriage handicaps women because they have to support her husband's career.
  7. The single men are likely to be institutionalized or to kill himself.
  8. He spent eight years at school without learning nothing.
  9. If I were the personnel manager, I will give her the job.
  10. If I see him, I would tell him what I think.
  11. If all countries did not have the same view, it will create problems.
  12. The only people who understand the problem are either a scientist or an engineer.
  13. The opposite of "paid by the hour" is "to pay by the delivery".
  14. Commuters are someone who lives in the suburbs and works in the town.
  15. A messenger is someone who dispatches messages. He was paid by the delivery.
  16. The answer is : "Why do men succeed so well ?"
  17. The "South" refers to the developing countries like Africa.
  18. Bankers dislike negotiating with young people because of his lack of experience.
  19. A : "All this changes." B : "All these changes."
    • - A and B are two complete meaningful sentences.
    • - A is a complete meaningful sentence but B is not.
    • - B is a complete meaningful sentence but A is not.
    • - Neither A nor B is a complete meaningful sentence


Activity 1 (Sentences 1/10)

Activity 2 (Sentences 11/18)