You can be confiant confident in French, Spanish, German or Italian in only 3 weeks!


You get a une réaction beaucoup plus chaleureuse much warmer response when you travel, and inspirez command more respect in business, if you speak another language.

So why do most people lack the confidence to learn one? Often because traditional methods put too much emphasis on reading and writing. The common complaint is :" I can read a bit of French but I can't speak it."

Accelerated Learning is a different method : You learn the way you acquired English. grâce à Through a unique combination of seeing, hearing and doing. So learning is fast and actually fun.

All the ways to learn !

Physical learning : By imitating the actions on a unique video and repeating the words you see, you learn key expression phrases quickly and easily. Watching and imitating is how you started to speak as a child.

Auditory learning : You listen to a series of realistic and intriguing radio plays on 12 cassettes. They cover all the important situations you'll meet and you absorb vocabulary without thinking about it. There are parts you can practise in the car.

Visual learning : In your book the foreign language has the English text immediately en face, sur l'autre page alongside and the key phrases are clairement vividly illustrated. When you recall the images, you recall the words.

Total involvement : There are dozens of games and activities to get you using your new language in natural and agréable, plaisant enjoyable ways.

Fluency comes quickly !

Can you really speak well in 3 weeks ? Yes. the record jusqu'à présent so far is 31 hours of study to pass the Linguistic Primary Certificate.

gratuit Free !

Physical Learning Video

This revolutionary video (worth $11.95) immerses you in the language in the same way that you learned your native tongue. It is free if you order a language course within 7 days.

Efficiency proven !

Professor of education, Dr Noel Wilson confirms it incorporates all the latest discoveries in a unique way. "I was stupéfait amazed at the level of proficiency and fluency."

Tens of thousands of private customers, including British Airports, Telecom, Ford and ICI have proven this to be a superior method.

15 day free trial guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied, return the course and you will have to pay nothing.


Accelerated Learning

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Ad taken from The Daily Telegraph, January 2000
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