Complete the sentences with the appropriate preposition (Type 0 for no preposition)

1It is illegal to discriminate handicapped people.
2It's no laughing matter. Don't laugh me.
3This was very rude. You should apologize him.
4The company suffers a lack of investment.
5The car has just stopped. I must have run petrol.
6The chairman will preside the board meeting today.
7He borrowed money the bank to buy his new car.
8Can I exchange my ticket yours?
9I really prefer to red one the blue one.
10He thinks someone stole his lap top him.
11Owing the weather, the garden party is cancelled.
12Contrary yours, my computer has a DVD drive.
13The car broke after a few miles on the motorway.
14I wonder what this change will bring .
15Now that we agree, we can draw the contract.
16Could you wake me at 7.00, please?
17The problem turned be more difficult than expected.
18There is no speed limit. You can speed now.
19He is very dynamic. He has set his own business.
20A lot of the staff has been laid for economic reasons.