Fill in the sentences with the appropriate preposition (Type "0" when there is none)

1I'll ask ten programmers to work that project.
2I bought this encyclopedia a salesman.
3Can I ask you a question?
4Our supplier will provide us this item.
5She'll never forgive you having left her.
6The new assistant reminds me a famous rap singer.
7Please sign the bottom of the document.
8 your left, you can see the new buildings.
9I heard that he accepted the table cash payment.
10Many people fear computers and information technology.
11 Historical perspective helps explain why.
12 I can't agree with the journalist's point of view this matter.
13 my mind, this issue is the most important.
14 my opinion, The US should react positively.
15The new assistant is not here. She is late, usual.
16What counts now is turning this job offer a real job.
17He doesn't look very interested what he is doing.
18This document is an article Newsweek, an American magazine.
19It deals the job of the new salespeople.
20 It falls four parts.