Complete the sentences with the appropriate preposition (Type 0 if none is necessary)

1This project suits me perfectly.
2The new assistant needs a computer.
3This project lacks ambition and scope.
4Please phone me as soon as possible.
5I'm feeling unwell. Can you send the doctor?
6Your work : Comment the second chapter.
7I'm going to have to ask a rise.
8I strongly disapprove your decision.
9This is important. We must look the matter.
10At last! I managed fix that printer.
11Let's begin the beginning!
12Your job consists selling door to door.
13It is hard to believe justice these days.
14It all depends the boss's decision.
15He is very efficient. You can really rely him.
16I think we should not inferfere this business.
17Maggie, could you attend the customers, please?
18If we sign, we shall really profit this deal.
19I'm afraid I didn't part with on good terms.
20Did you succeed phoning him abraod?