Complete the sentences with the appropriate preposition (0 for nothing)

1She likes playing video games.
2Now listen me attentively.
3Look me and tell me the truth.
4If anyone hits me, I hit him .
5This article deals management.
6He's seen the best programmer here.
7Are you ready to cope these problems ?
8The article aims describing the situation.
9Excuse me. Does that remark refer me?
10Turn that TV . I want to work now.
11Have you noticed? He speaks his father.
12He is a doctor and speaks such.
13An assistant should look carefully his boss.
14Don't stop for me! Just carry working.
15I'm looking to your answer.
16When exercise 1 is , proceed to exercise 2.
17At last, I found all the truth about him.
18What a noise! What's going in here?
19I can't hear you. Can you speak please?
20Think it quietly and tell me your decision.