Fill in the sentences with the appropriate preposition (Type "0" when there is none)

1Your company is quite different mine.
2What's the matter the boss this morning?
3This product is what customers are looking .
4The chairman leaves Houston New York tomorrow.
5He's really good repairing things.
6You know I'll never agree you.
7The new secretary is frightened the phone.
8 Stop complaining your work!
9This morning, the bus was crowded people.
10 I really have no doubts your success.
11Aren't you allowed to go out night?
12I'm sure the manager did it purpose.
13This computer is obsolete. It is 8 years old.
14Hurry up! The plane takes in 5 minutes.
15Can you make the number of the printer?
16 the way, do you know the new accountant?
17This machine belongs me, you know.
18I've been searching that document everywhere.
19I heard it the radio and I saw it TV.
20I can't see. Can you switch the light , please?