Turn the following sentences into the passive

Start the sentence with the element in bold letters with the necessary changes

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.

1They taught me to speak clearly. to speak clearly.
2Someone asked me the time. the time.
3People showed him the way. the way.
4Someone should tell her the truth. the truth.
5Someone will offer her a computer. a computer.
6Someone will give them a demo. a demo.
7Someone stole his wallet. his wallet.
8His father paid him a new car. a new car.
9People often ask us the way. the way.
10His friend could lend him some money. some money.
11The salesman may offer you a discount. a discount.
12The secretary will send them an email. an email.
13I expect customers to come soon. to come soon.
14He allowed her to use a computer. to use a computer.
15People believe him to be over 70. to be over 70.
16Someone gave her a USB Key. a USB Key.
17The police think he is dead. dead.
18The boss will expect you to work a lot. to work a lot.
19They forbade me to go out. to go out.
20The salesman showed them other flats. other flats.