à l'intérieur, interne within : in, inside

un commercial ... a salesman, a saleswoman, a salesperson, salespeople

une vocation a calling : a job, a career

pousser, motiver, inciter to drive : to push, to induce someone to do something

être conscient de to be aware of

Chacun devrait être conscient de ses qualités et de ses défauts. Everyone should be aware of their qualities and flaws.

Il y a une prise de conscience grandissante des problèmes écologiques. There is a growing awareness about environmental issues.

se réjouir de, être ravi de to delight : to enjoy, to like, to appreciate

être la proie de, être la victime de to fall prey to : to be the victim of

Les commerciaux aiment à être considérés comme des experts et  des conseillers. Salespeople like to be seen as experts and advisors.

Salespeople like to be viewed as experts and advisors.

Salespeople like to be looked upon as experts and advisors.

Salespeople like to be regarded as experts and advisors.

contrairement à, à la différence de contrary to : unlike

Contrairement à la plupart des gens, je m'aime pas l'argent. Unlike most people, I don't like money.

se passer, avoir lieu to occur : to happen, to take place

de luxe, fantaisie fancy (adj) : beautiful, fashionable and expensive

premier, primordial, essentiel prime : first

the Prime Minister, his prime reaction, prime time (on TV)

être florissant, se développer, s'épanouir to thrive : to develop, to expand, to flourish

canaliser, maîtriser to channel : to direct and organize, to master (energy)

changer d'emploi to switch jobs : to change jobs

allumer <> éteindre to switch on <>to switch off (the light, a computer )